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A to Z Diseases List

We maintain a list of disorders, syndromes, and conditions that have been present in the Samoyed breed. The list of topics and information serves as a great starting point for your search for information on a particular disease.

Information Databases

The Samoyed breed is the first AKC breed to establish a DNA repository for the storage of the DNA of all Samoyeds and the online collection of anonymous and accurate statistical data that can be reported to the public.

Research Studies

We sponsor research studies, help collect DNA samples as well as funding for research studies, and guide researchers through the process of performing a research study.

Do you want to help?

You can contribute by donating, volunteering, or enrolling your Samoyed in the DNA Database (it's easier than it sounds!)

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New website

By Sheila Herrmann on November 1, 2018

The Samoyed Club of America Education and Research Foundation is very excited to finally go live with our long anticipated new website. With so many links and so much information there will always be changing or broken links. If you find a link that is in need of an update please help everyone who uses the site by contacting us at help@samoyedhealthfoundation.org and letting us know what you have discovered and where it is located.

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Amazon Smile

By Sheila Herrmann on October 31, 2018

Did you know your purchases can make a difference? AmazonSmile donates to Samoyed Club of America Education & Research Foundation Inc when you do your holiday shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/39-1909463.

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2018 SCA National Specialty

By Margaret Black on June 27, 2018

SCARF will help fund cardiac exams and eye exams at the upcoming 2018 SCA National Specialty. We will offer a $20 discount for all cardiac exams (up to 80 samoyeds). If you elect to undergo the cardiac exam, we will also offer an additional $5 discount towards getting an eye exam. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Documenting the Ancient Origins of the Samoyed

By Pam Barbe on February 3, 2012

Abstract Archaeological evidence indicates that the Samoyed has an extremely ancient inception, dating back at least to 5500 BCE. Excavations of Copper Age Botai culture settlements of horse herders in northern Kazakhstan have yielded numerous ritual dog burials that provide proof of the antiquity of Samoyeds. The shape, size and proportions of the Botai dog skulls and skeletons are remarkably close to those of modern Samoyeds. These findings support earlier DNA studies that identify the Samoyed as one of the 14 oldest breeds (Parker, et al.

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