Adding your Samoyed

This database is to be used by owners who wish to enter their Samoyed’s information and/or its DNA into the Samoyed DNA Bank. The purpose of this database is to collect data, which reflects a complete description of your Samoyed and its environment. Each Samoyed’s data will help to complete a truer picture of our breed. The data you supply on this form will be automatically entered into the secure DNA database. Periodically, the DNA bank will report anonymous statistical information on the Samoyed breed to the public and research community with no identifying references to the actual Samoyeds or their owners.

In order for this statistical information to be useful to our owners and our research investigations, we need it to be as accurate as possible. Please enter answers only when you are certain of your responses. Completing each section is not necessary. In the future, you will be able to edit information by retrieving your Samoyed’s database form with their unique Identification Number. This will allow you to update the database with the latest information on your Samoyed. You will not be required to re-enter the entire form, you can just edit the sections that need updating.

From time to time, researchers may need further information from you on your dog. To allow further contact, you must give prior consent to do so. You will find the Owner Consent form on the main DNA Database Members Page.

Thank you for taking your time to make a difference. You and your Samoyed’s participation in this DNA bank is creating the building blocks necessary to make all our Samoyed’s lives healthier and happier.

Instructions for Using the Database - becoming a member, logging in, adding records, editing records, etc.

This is a link to the secure DNA Database Members Page. If you are already a member, you will just log in.