SCA 2007 Diabetes Collection Event

The Samoyed Club of America’s 76th National Specialty Committee hosted a DNA collection event in order to provide samples of normal Samoyeds, 7 years or older, for our SCARF/AKCCHF investigation to search for genetic markers of Diabetes Mellitus in Samoyeds. Under the guidance of Tina Leininger, the Health Clinic Chair and with the assistance of Tom Delaney, the Asst. Show Chair, they coordinated and scheduled the collection of 17 Samoyeds and more - to be walk-ins.

However, it was not to be. The researchers had an unexpected scheduling conflict.

As it would have been a great inconvenience to both our owners and their dogs to attempt to reschedule around this problem, Tina did cancel the collection event. However, many of the owners will make private collections at their local vets office and send their samples directly to Dr. Hess.

SCARF would like to thank all the owners and the people involved in the pre-scheduling and organizing of this event.

It was no small task. SCARF wishes to express our appreciation for their efforts to run a smooth collection event.