SAMS Collection Clinic

On August 28th, blood was collected by the members of SAMS and sent to the Dr Hess grant studying diabetes, funded by the SCA Research Foundation.

Barbara B. Gage and the members of SAMS were able to donate samples from 9 normal Samoyed, 7 years of age or older.

Dr. Williamson generously donated everything; the use of her clinic, the supplies, and her staff time.

The help of Dr. Williamson and the members of SAMS is made more important by the publication of a new scientific paper. The paper claims to have identified a gene that they believe pre-deposes Samoyeds to diabetes. The researchers also expressed the theory that there must be environmental triggers that cause the disease to become active.

It is through the support of such wonderful people that our owners may have answers concerning this very destructive disease that impacts the quality of life for both, the owner and their Sammy.