GMSF Diabetes Collection Event

On Saturday, November 4, 2006 the Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers held a “blood drive” of a different sort. Robin Barkhaus got the ball rolling on this event. As part of the November GMSF meeting, the Club members donated the blood samples of 7 Samoyeds for Dr. Rebecca Hess’ diabetes study on Samoyeds at the University Pennsylvania.

GMSF agreed to run this collection event in order to provide the DNA blood samples necessary for Dr Hess to continue her work investigating the causes of Samoyed diabetes. Karin Nyhuis graciously offered the use of her home and arranged for the Vet tech. Trish, the vet tech, was from the Brownsville – Lomira Small Animal Clinic, She drew the blood and spun it down for the Club members. The event went very smoothly.

The Club collected the DNA of 6 normal, Sammies, 7 years or older; and was able to include in the collection event, the DNA of one diabetic dog.

Thanks to the generosity of the GMSF members, Dr Hess will have DNA samples necessary to continue with her investigation into the genetic cause/s of diabetes in our Breed.

With the help of GMSF members, Scarf has recently been able to add 19 non diabetic Samoyeds to this study. Our goal is 100 normal Samoyeds over 7 years of age, in order for Dr Hess to identify the normal genetic sequence patterns in our Breed. The comparison of normal sequences with the genetic sequence of Samoyeds diagnosed with this illness, will identify the abnormal gene/s in the Samoyed Breed. Once identified, these abnormal breed sequences are where Dr Hess can then focus her attention, to determine, if they are the cause of this genetic disease.