DSA helps Thyroid Research

On a treacherous winter day in December, 7 members from the Denver Samoyed Association and friends along with 11 of their fuzzy friends, braved the icy and snow packed streets in almost blizzard conditions to attend the thyroid clinic to assist SCARF and benefit the breed.

Deer Creek Animal Hospital, located in Littleton, CO, opened their doors on Sunday to perform the necessary serum and urine collection and health evaluation as required by the AKCCHF grant #372. Dr. Kuschel and vet tech, Angie successfully and efficiently processed all 11 dogs with no mishaps.

Dr. Kuschel commented favorably on the wonderful temperaments of all the dogs and the pleasant disposition of all the owners that day. The entire procedure ran smoothly with all documentation completed, tubes labeled, serum packed and ready for shipping to Minnesota and research doctor, Dr. Davies. The event was a huge success - completing the 100 Samoyeds needed for this study.

A big thank you goes out to: Alex Hoover, Martha Lageschulte, Andi Mast, Lana McClellan, Jamie Powell, Thalia Peletis, Jane Reller, Sue Wangerin, Marijean Zacha. Perhaps the Denver Club will try another clinic to assist SCARF and the breed… when the snow melts.