Australia 2018

Australia collection Event

SCARF was contacted by a grieving owner who had just lost her special Samoyed to bloat. She wanted to find a way to preserve his DNA for future studies of this awful disease. This was not the first case of bloat in the line and she was hoping that the relatives both affected and unaffected could help to potentially find answers to this disease which affects so many of our breed.

She had frozen sperm collected on her deceased male and wanted to insure that the DNA and medical information was not lost. SCARF worked with her to find a doctor in Australia who could extract the DNA from the sperm and sent her collection kits for other family members both with and without medical issues. This wonderful lady coordinated the collection of all DNA and data.

All samoyeds were successfully entered in the database and their DNA stored in the Samoyed Club of America Education and Research Foundation DNA bank for future study.

Note: In order to obtain quality researchers and positive results for any study a large number of both affected and unaffected family members along with accurate pedigree and medical history is needed. The more information, affected samoyeds, and their healthy relatives we can offer a researcher the better the expected results of any research. We are currently in the slow growth process of building up the necessary DNA and information. Situations like this with accurate pedigrees and health information are crucial to the mission. A huge thank you to all the people in Australia who helped to preserve this DNA and data in a secure location held in trust for the Samoyed breed.