Antietam Creek Thyroid Collection Event

ACSC held the First Thyroid Sample Collection event

Antietam Creek Samoyed Club held SCARF’s first thyroid clinic on March 30th, 2008 to assist in establishing normal thyroid test ranges in arctic breeds for ACKCHF grant #372. The clinic was held on Sunday at Buckyestown Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Rosalind Hain, DVM, with help from several dog owners, collected samples while vet tech, Heather, prepared the samples. Six Samoyeds owners participated with a total of 19 dogs. Participants included Janice Hovelmann, Neal Henderson, Judy Kovitch, Cindy Faucette, Stacey Arcieri and Robin Cline.

Samples were collected from all 19 dogs, including urine samples which proved to be the most difficult to collect. We found that most dogs did well with having urine collected directly from the bladder with a needle. For dogs who required a free urine catch we had “expert” urine catchers available. All samples were sent for research and accepted, thus we are quite pleased with the results.

Special thanks to Karen Miller who owns Buckyestown Veterinary Hospital for the free use of the facilities, to Dr. Rosalind Hain who donated her time, Heather for working on a Sunday and to all owners for allowing their dogs to participate. Thank you for helping to improve the health of the breed.