Antietam Collection Event

The Antietam Creek Samoyed Club ran a collection event on March 10, 2007. Under the guidance of the President, Robin T. Cline, the members donated the DNA of Samoyeds 7 years of age or older for the SCARF/AKCCHF investigation to search for genetic markers of Diabetes Mellitus in Samoyeds being conducted by Dr. Hess.

Due to no fault of anyone, “Murphys’ Law” kicked in. The anticoagulant must have been bad or evaporated in the collection tubes, so the blood began to clot immeditately. Dr Haines and Dr Hess were able to save the samples of 3 sammies collected.

Robin has advised that ACSC will try to re-do the collection in the near future. Dr Hess and Dr Haines are speaking to determine the best plan for a redraw.

Samoyeds are considered a “high risk” breed for developing this life changing disorder, more so than other breeds. SCARF is very thankful to Robin and the Antietam members for offering to add their Samoyed’s DNA to this worthy cause and for their kindness in understanding that sometimes products are faulty.