Morris Grant D12CA-031

Understanding the Genetic Basis for Urinary Stones

Dr. Ned Patterson, University of Minnesota

Summary from the website:

“Urinary stones are common in dogs, especially in Miniature Schnauzers, which are 10 to 20 times more at risk than other breeds. Surgical removal of the stones is usually the only cure for this painful disease.  Preventive measures are lacking and recurrence rates are high. Pedigree analysis of Miniature Schnauzers enrolled in a previous pilot study revealed substantial familial associations for urinary stones and high rates of the disease independent of diet or environment.  These previous findings suggest that there may be an underlying genetic basis for urinary stones.

The current study will evaluate the DNA from Miniature Schnauzers and seven other breeds at high risk for developing urinary stones: Yorkshire Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, Bichon Frises, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Malteses and Miniature Poodles.  Researchers from the University of Minnesota hope to identify a chromosome area associated with the disease trait with the goal of developing a genetic screening test for the disease.  Results from this study will also help veterinarians select specific drugs or diets to prevent urinary stones in the breeds most prone”.