AKCCHF grant #00997-A

Eric Ledbetter, DVM, Cornell University

Abstract from AKCCHF.org website:

“Conjunctivitis, also referred to as \“pink eye,\” is inflammation of the tissues around the eye and results in redness, swelling, discharge, and discomfort of the eyes. Conjunctivitis occurs frequently in the dog and is among the most common eye diseases for which dogs are presented to primary care veterinary clinics and ophthalmology referral practices. There are numerous recognized causes of conjunctivitis; however, in many dogs with this condition a specific cause can not be identified. These dogs are treated with medications that are frequently ineffective in controlling the problem or occasionally exacerbate the condition. In humans and numerous other animal species, viruses are among the most frequent causes of conjunctivitis. Despite this fact, viruses have never been thoroughly investigated as a cause of this problem in the dog.

This research is intended to determine if viruses are potential causes of conjunctivitis in the dog. This information will increase our understanding of conjunctivitis in the dog and may lead to improved treatments and reduced incidence of conjunctivitis by preventing transmission between dogs.”


Ledbetter EC. Hornbuckle WE, Dubovi EJ, 2009, Virologic survey of dogs with naturally acquired idiopathic conjunctivitis. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 235, 954-959.