Disorders, syndromes and conditions

As in humans, the Samoyed has some intermittently diagnosed diseases and many diseases in a very small percentage of the population that are present, but not significant in the population.

The information provided in the disorder/syndrome/conditions section has been collected by volunteers. These volunteers may or may not have a scientific background, but they all share a love of dogs. These topics are provided to you as a starting point for your search for information on a particular disease(s). To help you in your search, the references and suggested links have been rated in this area of the website where appropriate. This section is not intended to diagnose or treat an illness, but rather as a general overview for you to begin your investigation.

Note: A limited number of disorder descriptions are available at this time, but more will be added shortly. Click on the A to Z link below to see how the articles will be presented. SCARF is in the process of having more topics reviewed so that they may be uploaded to the website. Please check back soon.

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