Cheek swab sampling instructions

  1. Note: Food can inhibit the synthesis of DNA in the laboratory. In order to avoid food contamination on the sample brush, please withhold food for at least 12 hour before sampling. This includes mother’s milk.
  2. Puppies must be at least one month old before sampling.
  3. Wash hands before sample collection and between dogs if more than one dog is being collected. (To avoid DNA contamination, always complete sample collection for one dog before beginning sample collection on additional dogs.)
  4. Prepare five (5) brushes per dog.
  5. Remove the brush from the plastic pouch being careful not to touch the brush bristles.
  6. Twirl the brush on the inside of the animal’s cheek. Rub firmly for 15 seconds, but take care not to injure the cheek. You want to collect cheek cells, not saliva.
  7. Let the brush air dry for two minutes. To aid drying, you may place the swab, brush side up, in a clean cup so that it does not touch any other surfaces.
  8. Do NOT put brushes back into the plastic pouches.
  9. Place a single brush into each labeled envelope.
  10. Return the swabs, a copy of the animal’s 3-generation pedigree and a signed release form, to the DNA bank. Instructions for how to mail to the DNA bank are found here.