We can use your help!

By Sheila Herrmann | December 7, 2018

Support your favorite breed by volunteering to help as a liaison or reviewer for the A to Z disorder section of the SCARF website!

There are three levels of assistance needed:

  1. Easiest: Become a liaison for a disorder that already has a write-up but no liaison. Just check occasionally to see if the information on the website is up to date and look for any current research. These disorders have two asterisks ** in the a to z list.
  2. Most needed: Become a liaison for a disorder that needs a write-up. SCARF will supply an outline and suggest a few reference websites to get you started; you flesh out the outline with information about the disorder. A reviewer will rate links and references and SCARF will upload to the website.
  3. Most technical: Become a reviewer. Those with a medical or scientific background can review write-ups and rate links and references. We don’t need many reviewers until we have more liaisons but let’s hope we get more liaison volunteers soon!

If you are interested or have more questions, please contact mailto:help@samoyedhealthfoundation.org