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Samoyed Club of America Education and Research Foundation (SCARF) - Updated

Welcome to SCARF
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DNA Bank/Database Milestone
New Website Launched...
Animal Rights (AR) and your Samoyed's Health
First DNA Bank Collection Event
A note from NCSF...
GMSF To Run DNA Bank Collection Event
GMSF Diabetes Collection Event
new tick disease test
search for Samoyeds in Arctic regions...
xylitol warning...
Site News
Site Events
Food Poll
What dog food does your Samoyed like?
Pastime Poll
What is your Samoyed's favorite pastime?
SAM To Run Diabetes Clinic
SCA 2007 Diabetes Collection Event
Antietam Collection Event
DNA Collection Event meets AKC Eligibility Requirement
dog food recall information
SAMS Collection Clinic
Denver DNA Bank Collection
Antietam Creek Thyroid Collection Event
ACSC held the First Thyroid Sample Collection event
Optigen DNA test for Retinal Dysplasia/Dwarfism in the Samoyed
The Truth About Animal Rights brochure
DSA helps Thyroid Research
Greatest Threat to Dogs Today
Which of the following do you feel is the biggest threat to your dogs today?
SFCF DNA Collection Event
Research Study Collection Clinics
BCSC DNA Collection Event
BCSC to host second DNA collection event
NCSF to host DNA Collection Clinic
World Samoyed Conference DNA Collection
British Samoyed Club
Optigen Virtual 20/20 Clinic
Documenting the Ancient Origins of the Samoyed
SCARF ebay auction
Optigen Test Statistics
DSA 2011 DNA Collection Clinic
Spirit of St. Louis DNA collection
ACK Canine Health Foundation Survey
NORCAL 2011 DNA Collection Clinic
Greater Pittsburgh Club DNA 2011 Clinic
British Samoyed Club Collection/Cataracts
Scarf Fall E-bay Auction
SAMS DNA Collection 11--10-12
Samoyed Club of Arizona 11-3-12
NCSF Dna Collection 2013
Antietam Creek Kennel Club DNA 2013
Specialty 2013 DNA collection
Specialty 2013 Cerf Clinic


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Greatest Threat to Dogs Today

Which of the following do you feel is the biggest threat to your dogs today?

inherited genetic defects
animal rights groups
processed dog food



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