DNA Collection at the SCA Nationals

The Samoyed Club of America Education and Research Foundation (SCARF) will be holding a free DNA Collection event at the SCA National Specialty in South Sioux City, NE on Thursday, September 26, 2019 for the SCARF Samoyed DNA Repository. The SCARF DNA collection will add anonymous, accurate, statistical data that will help SCARF report back to the public on the status of the Samoyed breed. Researchers can investigate whether environmental factors have any correlation to a disorder, what adverse reactions dogs may have to a drug and what diseases are on the rise/fall through looking at the cause of death.

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Documenting the Ancient Origins of the Samoyed

Abstract Archaeological evidence indicates that the Samoyed has an extremely ancient inception, dating back at least to 5500 BCE. Excavations of Copper Age Botai culture settlements of horse herders in northern Kazakhstan have yielded numerous ritual dog burials that provide proof of the antiquity of Samoyeds. The shape, size and proportions of the Botai dog skulls and skeletons are remarkably close to those of modern Samoyeds. These findings support earlier DNA studies that identify the Samoyed as one of the 14 oldest breeds (Parker, et al.

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