Incident Report

Samoyed Health Adverse Event Incident Reporting

The purpose of this incident report is to help keep other Samoyed owners informed of possible health problems and help the Foundation seek and select researchers to find causes, or solutions to health problems that effect Samoyeds.

The data you supply on this form will be automatically entered into the secure DNA Bank database. If you already have your Samoyed entered into the main database, just use the same unique identification number when entering data into the adverse event form to link the databases together.

The information you provide will be reported by the DNA Bank to a researcher or the Foundation, as anonymous statistical information. In some cases, additional follow up information on your dog’s condition may be important for a scientific evaluation of the underlying cause of your Samoyed’s health incident. If you wish to be contacted for further information on your dog’s incident, you MUST give PRIOR CONSENT to do so; CLICK HERE to go to the page where the Owner Consent form is located.

Instructions for Using the Database - becoming a member, logging in, adding records, editing records, etc.

This is a link to the secure DNA Database Members Page. If you are already a member, you will just log in.