What is the SCA Foundation?

The Foundation is a registered 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

Our federal tax Identification number is 39-1909463.

Are the Samoyed Club of America and the SCA Foundation the same organization?


The Foundation is a totally separate organization that was conceived by, initiated and promoted by the Samoyed Club of America. It has its own Board of Directors.

What is the purpose of the Foundation?

Its main purpose is to promote Education and Research in the Samoyed Breed.

Where does the Foundation get its money?

The Foundation gets its money from the contributions of individual donors and the generous donations of the SCA on behalf of all of its members.

Who makes decisions about what the Foundation does?

The Foundation has a governing body of seven Directors. In addition, there are advisors and committees who advise the Board and help promote the work of the Foundation.

Are the Directors/Officers paid for their services?

No Director/Officer may be paid for serving on the Board.

Money may only be appropriated for Education, Research and the normal business expenses incurred by running an organization.

If I would like to ask a question whom should I contact?

We would appreciate any comments you would have and would be happy to answer any questions that you have regarding the Foundation. Please contact president@samoyedhealthfoundation.org.