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new tick disease test

Idexx Laboratories has developed a new test for tick borne diseases called the SNAP® 4Dx®.  Most people are unfamiliar with the possible health problems and risks of a tick bite,when they pull out that pesky, nasty creature from their Samoyed. That one tick may be dead, but it can still make your Samoyed very sick.

The lastest information and research is now indicating that an infected tick bite may not only have us running to the vet trying to find out what is wrong with our dog, but that tick may have seriously compromised our Samoyed's immediate and future health.

Ticks are now being associated with immune system dysfunction, possible infertility in bitches, hemolytic anemia, seizures, possible cancers and a host of other unforeseen consequences.

Ticks carry diseases that may or may not show symptoms until the late stage; or symptoms that are misdiagnosed by the general veterinarian population.  Your samoyed may look perfectly healthy for now....and later develop illlnesses that you will never connect to that long forgotten tick bite.

But there is a simple solution. This new test will give an owner a "heads up" that they need to get their samoyed medical attention now. If you follow the links below you can review information to become more familiar with the impact a simple tick bite could have on your Samoyed's future health.

Tick Disease in Dogs by Gil. Ash - a very thorough and easily understandable website

Idexx Laboratories SNAP® 4Dx®

Canine Tick Disease FAQ by Pam Barbe


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