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Thank you for your interest in helping us with the SCARF website. If you have looked around this website, you might already know that this is not a normal web site.

Our site has been built on a Plone Platform using a Content Management System (CMS). Most normal operations done manually on a regular website are done automatically by Plone. Virtually, no experience with the Plone Platform is necessary in order to be a webmaster- anyone who runs a normal website can be a webmaster on a Plone website.

This website requires less time and has more functionality than a regular site. The beauty of this site is that many people can work at the same time, it is “low maintenance” and most operations are not limited to people who already know how to run a regular website.

The SCARF website has been set up to divide the work among many people, including having multiple webmasters. Since no one person has the burden of updating and editing the entire website, and each person only has a small section to maintain, it makes for a smooth operation and much fewer responsibilities for each of our webmasters.

There are 4 topics which can be controlled by a separate web master:

1. About Us

2. Breeders

3. Owners

4. Research

If you would like to chat about being a web master for one of these sections, please e-mail Pam Barbe... or Amelia Price.





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