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GMSF To Run DNA Bank Collection Event

The Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers generously volunteered their time to run a test DNA Collection event. This event was restricted to the members of GMSF, who used the online  personal data entry system.

Carrie Hellestad, the Collection Coordinator, organized the actual collection of the DNA for those Samoyeds, who  were entered into the profile database. GMSF collected the actual animals DNA on  Saturday, June 23, 2007. The club members entered 20 samoyeds into the database.

This was a very valuable collection, as some of the owners had difficulty entering on line. As a result, SCARF made some immediate changes to the database. The GMSF members will identify the problem areas, so that SCARF can make adjustments for future collection events.

The new DNA Bank will be a repository for all Samoyed DNA. It also has an accompanying database that can track anonymous information on breed traits, environment, nutrition, vaccinations, adverse incidents to drugs, products, or vaccines and cause of death.

With the help of GMSF members, the Samoyed breed will be the first AKC breed with the ability to track everything Sammy that can also be reported to our owners as anonymous data on the breed. Such a complete picture of our breed will reveal clues and information that our owners can use at their discretion.

We are very grateful to the GMSF members for their help in setting the protocols for running future collection events, as well as, providing feed back on any changes that its members feel need to be addressed in the database system.


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