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First DNA Bank Collection Event

The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club launched the first trial DNA Collection event for Samoyeds. Under the leadership of Paul A. DeMerath, Club President, the members were the first Samoyed owners to enter their Samoyed’s profile using a secure online data entry system. The AKC Museum of the Dog waived their fees to the Club and scheduled January 27, 2007 for the collection of the DNA. The event ran from 12:00 Noon thru 4:00 PM. Paul De Merath stated that they were able to collect DNA on  27 Samoyeds, whose DNA and personal profile are now in the Samoyed Bank.

The St. Louis Samoyed Club members first, beta tested the online data entry system. Then, under the guidance of Paul and Marta DeMerath, the club members ran an actual collection of their animals DNA for the bank. As this was the first trial run of a mass collection of data and DNA on Samoyeds, the St Louis Club has generously provided the Foundation with an "after action" report detailing their procedures, problems, and suggestions. The St Louis Club has designed directions, and forms, which they felt would assist other local clubs, who wish to run DNA collection events. The President provided the Foundation with MS Word Documents which describe the protocols, which helped the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club organize the hosting of their DNA Collection Event:
        1. DNA Collection Event Participant Pamphlet
        2. DNA Collection Event Procedures & Timeline
        3. DNA Collection Event Suggestions
        4. DNA Collection Event Supply List
        5. DNA Collection Event US Customs Instructions
        6. DNA Collection Schedule & Checklist
        7. DNA Collection Sign-up Log

In addition, the Club has donated the Veterinary Technician fees and mailing costs, as well as, making a $100 donation to SCARF as another way to specifically support SCARF’s new DNA Bank/Database initiative. 

We are very grateful to the Officers and members of St Louis Club for their willingness to host the first DNA Collection Event and for  providing the Foundation and other regional clubs with their insights.


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