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"Living With" is a more personal, first hand account of your Samoyed's encounter with a particular disorder or disease. It may be presented journal style if you prefer, following a particular time line.

The information you provide may prove very helpful for other Samoyed owners, so thank you very much for sharing.

If you would like to submit a "Living With" entry, please complete the following form. Personal information provided on this online form will be used by the SCA Education & Research Foundation, Inc. (SCARF) solely for the purpose of contacting you if necessary and will not be shared with outside parties.

NOTE: ALL information in the "Living With" section must have no identifying references to people, breeders, businesses, animals or locations. You will be listed as an anonymous author and the content will be approved by SCARF before posting on the public website. Publication of "Living With" content on the website will be at the sole discretion of SCARF depending on web space availability and the appropriateness of the information.

Here are some suggestions of items to include:

  • Age at onset
  • Sex
  • Early signs and symptoms
  • How the diagnosis was made? Was the diagnosis easy or hard to make? What other conditions/diseases had to be ruled out to get to the diagnosis?
  • Type and number of vets/specialists seen
  • Physical examination, diagnostic testing
  • Treatment successes and failures
  • Management i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, annually, diet, supplements used, prescribed medications, situations to avoid, mistakes you made, how the disorder affected your life and that of your animal, and it's financial impact.

Note: This entry will be reviewed by a site administrator before it will posted to the public.

Your name for internal-use only in case we have questions.
Your phone number for internal-use only in case we have questions.
Your e-mail address for internal-use only in case we have questions.
A description or personal story of what it is like to live with this disorder.
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