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BCSC DNA Collection Event

Barbary Coast Samoyed Club [BCSC] has held two collection clinics for SCARF.

BCSC had a wonderful day in the park in Dixon, Ca, September 20th, with all our Samoyeds. We combined our Annual Election Meeting with a Potluck lunch and "Puppy Extravaganza", which consisted of some ring experience for new puppies and their owners. 

Afterwards the club collected DNA samples from a total of 17 dogs for the SCARF DNA Bank/Database. The Collection Coordinator, Karen Key, had her hands full as 4 of these samples came from 4-5 month old puppies. The owners had lots of fun beforehand entering their information into the on-line database; checking paw pads, nail coloring, freckled tummy's, tail lengths, black spots on tongues, and describing all sorts of Samoyed behavior. 

We look forward to doing this again. There has been some discussion of doing another DNA Collection Clinic at our next Regional Specialty in 2010. 

Lots of thanks to the people who formatted this program. We had no problems with the way it has been laid out to use. Now that we have done this once, the next time will be a breeze. 

Submitted by BCSC Secretary, Karen Key


A second collection clinic was held on May 10, 2010.  8 additional samples were collected.



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