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Animal Rights (AR) and your Samoyed's Health

How do those two go together?  Simply put, if the AR activists have their way, you won't have to be concerned about your pet's health because you won't have a pet.  The AR agenda is a very serious threat to our right to own and control the care for our pets.


Learn about what AR really means:


Do you know the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare?


Animal Rights as a world problem -

The Animal Rights goals for ending the use of animals.


True animal welfare experts (article)


The Future of Dogs


STAY INFORMED!!  "The NAIA Trust is a nonprofit 501 (c) 4 organization established under the Internal Revenue Code to promote responsible animal care and ownership and reasonable laws, policies and regulations to protect animals and the people who care for them." The focus of this group is to influence legislation.

AKC Canine Legislation


Who are the Animal Rights organizations? or Follow the Money!!!


What are the pending laws in your state?

American Dog Owners Association - legislation by state

Monthly National Legislation Report - pending legislation by state updated monthly

What government legislators are learning about animal rights?


Pass the word: "Friends don't let friends donate to HSUS, PETA or ASPCA." Quote by Walt Hutchens, Timbreblue Whippets




Who is supporting the pro pet lobby? American Dog Owners Association - good sample letters

SAOVA - The Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance is a nationwide, nonpartisan group of volunteers seeking to elect politicians who will oppose the "Animal Rightist" (AR) threat to our rights as Americans.  


What to do when activists want to pass a law in your area...


Who represents me? (put your zipcode + 4 in the search box)


Is your candidate pet friendly or Animal Rights sponsored?


State email lists and resources:


What to do when animal control comes knocking


Spread the word - brochures and handouts:

7 things you did not know about HSUS and Peta from the Center for Consumer Freedom

The Truth About Animal Rights brochure (pdf)


SCARF would like to thank one particular Samoyed owner for her invaluable help on this webpage.  She knows who she is and SCARF appreciates her assistance with this educational endeavor.  If you need help organizing an effort to combat  anti-dog legislation (MSN, BSL, etc) in your community,
please click here for help.  Become aware, stay informed, take action!!



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